The Sacred Hoop ~ Medicine Wheel Necklace


Wow, there’s a lot going on in the medicine piece. I’ll start with the medicine wheel, and say that I personally wear a medicine wheel alost everyday as a reminder of my connection and dedication to the greater circle of life. It also grounds me in the power and structure of the 4 sacred direction. It reminds me of the deep root of ancestral knowledge and indigenous wisdom that desire to understand and honor more deeply. Ive included the elemental nature symbols within the loop to illustrate the balance of masculine and feminine power, and invoke the animal, plant, and celestial kin-doms.

I see the double lynx claws “holding” the ancient wisdom stream(fossil ivory) that is “falling” from the medicine wheel. Lynx medicine is about intuition and walking lightly, deftly, and moving in the world unseen, where discretion or anonymity is needed. The lynx is beautiful, small but powerfully competent. Throughout the necklace is white turquoise and fossil ivory to celebrate that which is ancient and ancestral. The wisdom of the ancestors is held within the teachings of the medicine wheel.

Those are my thoughts. This necklace is about 22 inches long.  The beads are a combination of pre-Columbian bone beads, jasper, handcrafted silver native-style beads, and white turquoise. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or custom inquiries or adjustments. Thank you kindly, Angela Blessing

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