The Seer ~ Artisan Dragonfly Pendant


Dragonflies like to live near running water and have an affinity for traversing between land and water easily and swiftly. They bring movement and banish stagnation. They are allies of the medicine ways and can be powerful totems in expanding consciousness and bringing about deeper insights. They help us communicate with those who have passed and those that exist beyond the veil.

This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, Dragonfly Pendant has shimmery blue wings of Kyanite, and a body of Blue Australian OpalsĀ  holding the sacred vibration of water, and Faceted Amethyst the color of the third-eye chakra and intuition, and seeing things below the surface.

The energy of this piece is soft and feminine, shimmery and whimsical. The neck ring is sold separately. Please call with any questions about this piece. Thank you!

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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