Trust the Next Step~Lion Claw Pendant, Chrysoprase, Black Pearl


This handcrafted talisman might be just the medicine to catalyze your inner Leo. As I’m feeling into this piece, I’m appreciating the balance of yin and yang, the light and the dark. This reversible Lion Claw pendant has both the outgoing energy of prosperity and growth (represented by the verdant glow if this chrysoprase), and the deep magic of the inner world (represented by the luminous black pearl). The wearer of this medicine jewelry will seek a balance of awareness between the inner and outer worlds. He or she will gain exquisite satisfaction from both the luxurious deep delve into self-knowledge, inquiry and acceptance AS WELL AS the joy of connection, team works and the beauty of the natural world around.

The Lion is intentional in her hunt; she watches and waits for the optimal timing and the most effective strategy. She works in a coordinated effort and puts her entire body and focus into the success of the collective goal. She knows how to deeply rest and is intimately aware of her environment, trusting her senses and body wisdom.

This talisman invites a holistic balance to a life passionately lived… and I am wishing you the deepest joy and success in your sacred adventure. If you have any questions or would like to discuss custom work, please reach out to me directly. Neckring sold seperately.

Yours in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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