Angel Pendant w Moonstone, Aquamarine and Blue Topaz


Title: Welcoming the Light

A highly unique and visually intriguing piece that speaks to your heart and spirit. I’ve chosen a very  luminous rainbow moonstone to be the soul-center of this piece and have accented with a pale aquamarine and deep blue topaz.

This handmade one-of-a-kind silver pendant is a medicine piece carrying the energies of Truth, Balance, Peace, and Magnanimity. She is a goddess that is highly attunes to her emotions (represented by moonstone), which are big and full and multi-dimensional(represented by rainbow colors within), while holding the myriad of experiences within a perspective of balance and wholeness (2 spirals on either side of the aquamarine). She refines and examines her feelings through a process of self-reflection(moonstone) and a highly developed personal awareness. The energy she shares and radiates is one of Peace, Magnanimity and Love (represented by the wings tipped with blue topaz). The Deep Blue Topaz at the bottom further grounds the state of Inner Peace and Balance within.

This is a very special power amulet to be worn as a talisman in helping to temper floods of uncontrolled emotions that can be potentially harmful to personal and business relationships. And helps assist in the gentle processing within and the wisdom and perspective gained when one accepts responsibility for ones own emotional experience versus projecting and taking things personally. This reminds us that people are always doing the best they can. Bring more love and self-love to every challenging situation and take it show. Give time to let in the Light, the Truth and the Wisdom.

Can be worn on a chain or neck-ring, sold separately. Please see corresponding product video for further detail and sizing information. Thank you!


Angela Blessing

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