The Verdant Portal~Green Chrysoprase Reversible Pendant


The healing and energizing qualities of this gorgeous high grade natural chrysoprase is immediately palpable. The rich and soothing green glow opens the heart and invites us the embrace the warmth of this world, to soak in the blessings and opportunities for growth and healing. On the reverse side of this double-sided pendant, is a tree of life, framed in the 4-sided diamond shape, representing the 4 elements, the 4 guardians of the sacred directions. There are also 4 round garnets, with a diamond shaped garnet at the center, or heart, or the Tree. The garnet represents the deep life-blood of this sacred tree, being filled and inspired by the power of the 4 elements and growing in both branches to the sky and roots into the earth. Pendant is 3 inches long.

This pendant invites us to truly live, and embrace the fullness of our Aliveness, with the support of the sacred elements and sacred guardians within us always. Neck-ring is sold separately. Please call with custom inquiries.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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