Joy is Rising ~ Reversible Hummingbird Butterfly Pendant with Amber, Turquoise, Topaz


This reversible, hand-crafted pendant is both an amulet of Transformation and a harbinger of Joy. On Side One: Open to the gentle medicine of Butterfly matched with the sweet softness of honey-hued Sumatran Amber. The word LOVE in Silver circles around the top of the slender honey drop at the bottom. I think we are ALL in the process of change together, both individually and collectively. Butterfly teaches us about this healing evolutionary process; To trust the liminal spaces of the unknown, to open our hearts at the threshold of change and welcome in that which brings us Joy and uplifts our Sprit.

On the reverse side of this one-of-a-kind power necklace is the Hummingbird, in flight, taking in the nectar and limitless potential of a star-studded universe with three earthy turquoise, offering their subtle grounding and balancing effect. Hummingbird represents Joy and lightness of heart. She is deeply revered by Native Peoples as a teacher. She is pure magic.

This medicine piece is an invitation let go, and let god, trust your own happiness and follow your YES. Your heart will lead you right where you need to be. The discomfort of change and the mystery of the threshold spaces is an opportunity to get even more clear on what you need and who you are becoming. Step through the door with humility and trust that you are love and you are limitless. I love you for your courage.

Pendant size is about 4 inches long. Neck ring is sold separately. Please contact me directly with questions or for custom designs.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing


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