Sourcing from Spirit~ Owl Necklace, Rose, Quartz, Ruby

This magnificent one-of-a-kind handmade Owl Necklace is imbued with good medicine and feminine magic. The silver owl rises, wings spread, from a beautiful quartz crystal, naturally formed by the earth, has a rainbow flash inside! Her wings circle around the most luscious faceted rose quartz I’ve ever come across. Quartz symbolizes the clarity that rises form being deeply rooted in relationship to spirit. The Owl represents deep feminine wisdom, and her connection to Spirit (crystal) allows her to rise and fully blossom in her power to love and hold space for infinite possibilities of creativity and healing. Above the owl and rose quartz is a potent faceted ruby, radiating a powerful force of life-blood magic, this represents the power of woman, her moon blood, her power to give and sustain life.

The back of the piece has a secret surprise just for you. A silver serpent protects an emerald egg, coiled around it atop the cap holding the crystal, behind the owl. The Serpent represents life force energy, and the green emerald, life-giving regenerative energy. This is a special medicine for the wearer, and a reminder to take time for self-0care, self-compassion, and to stay in touch with your needs. Your personal power needs honoring and protecting.

This long, hand beaded necklace, with natural quartz crystal beads and handmade sterling silver beads from the southwest, hangs just below the heart chakra, the full length being about 28 inches long. The central owl pendant length is 3.75 inches long,

Please call with any questions or custom orders! Made with love in Santa Cruz, California.

Wear in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing