Priestess of Gaia~Multi-Strand Pearl Choker, Labradorite, Calcite, Blue-Green Sapphire


This one-of-a-kind handmade multi-strand pearl choker embodies the qualities of Elegance, Beauty and Strength. The sumptuousness of this composition and the stately way this piece wears makes it truly a stunning ceremonial piece, yet also suitable for semi-formal and boudoir enjoyment. The weight and smoothness of all those pearls caressing the contours of your neck and shoulders is positively sensual!

I really feel the deep goddess energies of this piece in the balance of color, like the golden sunlight meeting the bright blue sky, or the golden sands meeting the clear blue ocean. There is flow and movement in the spirals. And there is pleasing symmetry and balance in its structure. The shape of the Labradorite in the center is the quintessential goddess portal, inviting you in to experienceĀ  something magical and mysterious…the blue -green sapphires bring such a spark of gorgeous light, and the unique golden yellow of the calcite is energizing to the Hara; the chakra from which the WILL is generated.

I feel this to be one of the most beautiful and marvelous necklaces I’ve made to date, and I feel that the person who feels attracted to it, is really stepping into owning her magnificence. This piece would be tricky to size but is built for an average size neckline. I can offer a full refund, minus shipping if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Its a must-try in person!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Yours in Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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