Water Phoenix ~ Pendant with Laramar, Opal, Turquoise


The Phoenix is an ancient mythological being who brings Rebirth and Regeneration, rising for the ashes on death and destruction, bringing¬† new life and hope….an energy that is very much needed right now as humanity faces unprecedented challenges, such as a global pandemic, climate disruption, and economic and political fallout.

In this one-of-a-kind pendant, the powerful, life-affirming symbol of the Phoenix is paired with healing powers of Water. Laramar beautifully captures the feminine magic of the watery depth, as well as opal, a stone that reflects the water trapped inside as fiery rainbow flashes of color. This piece also has Turquoise, a staple medicine stone of so many indigenous cultures for its grounding properties. And peridot, to embody and symbolize the regenerative properties of verdant green.

This pendant is a prayer for Healing, Regeneration and Hope for the Individual and Human Family, and to give strength and precious beauty amidst these trying times.

Please reach out with any questions or custom orders. Neck Rings or Chains sold separately. Thank you!

Wear In Good Medicine,

Angela Blessing

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